Tesla Model Y
Satin Perfect Blue 3M

Tesla Model Y Wrap completed in the deep, beautiful Satin Perfect Blue vinyl.

Tesla car wraps are more often than not completed in original and unique shades. The slender body of Model Y or Model 3 works great with original colours and car presence on the road.

One of the shades that have been gaining more popularity is Satin Key West from 3M. You can see the example of Tesla Model 3 wrapped in that colour here.

  • The Process

    We start the preparation following our internal process. First we give Tesla Model Y initial wash down before bringing the car into our unit. Technicians then clean the individual panels with specialised cleaners making sure there is no remaining debris or dirt left. The key to a successful wrap is always throughout preparation so we take extra time cleaning the car before wrapping.

    The next step is to strip down the necessary parts of the vehicle. Our mechanic removes necessary components and sets Tesla on the ramps so it’s ready for wrapping.

    Our technicians apply pre-cut vinyl working panel by panel. We pay extra attention to post heating the edges to ensure vinyl doesn’t come off. It’s an important step often determining whether vinyl fails or not.

    When Tesla Model Y wrap is completed, our mechanic reassembles the vehicle and checks all the functions.

    The last step is to conduct a quality control. Our workshop manager checks every panel and edge before signing the vehicle off for collection.

  • The Results

    The final result is breath-taking. The deep, blue colour of this Tesla Model 3 suits the vehicle and its owner perfectly.

    Our client was really happy with the results and satisfied with the colour he chose.