Tesla Model X

The ultimate electric supercar. Subtle in its appearance but cannot mistake this Tesla Model X performance. This client was looking to enhance his Tesla Model X with a full vehicle de-chrome in Avery Supreme Satin Black.

  • The Process

    The process begun by cleaning the vehicle to enable our vehicle wrappers to lay the vinyl onto an uninterrupted surface. Avery surface cleaner is used to wipe down the areas to be wrapped. If parts are required to be removed, our trained technicians are on hand to carefully remove the items enabling our vehicle wrappers to wrap the vinyl all the way around. The Avery Supreme Satin Black offers one of the best finishes in the industry, premium and durable.

  • The Results

    The final result is a slightly enhanced Tesla Model X with a much more aggressive appeal. The white and black contrast working perfectly to showcase the elegant shapes of the vehicle. A great demonstration of how a de-chrome can alter the aesthetics of a vehicle dramatically.