Volkswagen Caravelle
Matte Black Metallic

This Volkswagen Caravell came to Reforma for an accent colour wrap for the bonnet, tailgate and rear bumper to amplify the look and feel and make it personalised to the owners taste.

  • The Process

    To begin the wrapping process our technician firstly prepped the vehicle by stripping down the main components such as front and rear bumper and any additional trims.

    The vinyl had already been cut to size and was individually applied onto clean panels ensuring there was no visible dirt or dust which could show up underneath. Wrapping vehicles of this calibre takes some extra care and attention. Once each panel was wrapped the vehicle was then fitted back together and quality checked to ensure every detail meets with or quality standards to give first class customer satisfaction.

  • The Results

    A unique looking vehicle and exactly what the customer wanted. This Caravelle is definitely a statement piece and looks great in all situations.