Range Rover SVR
Avery Matte Metallic Pink

This Matte Blue Range Rover SVR was brought to us by Farnell Land Rover Leeds. Looking to enhance this luxury SUV with some personalised pink detailing.

  • The Process

    The client opted for Avery Matte Metallic Pink. A colour combination unique to this customer demonstrating how vinyl can give you limitless opportunities to customise your vehicle. The process begun by giving the vehicle a clean to remove any dirt. Once placed into our workshop, our vehicle wrapping team further cleaned the surfaces where the vinyl was to be applied. Carefully placing cutting tape to the panels where the vinyl is to be cut therefore leaving no scratches on the vehicle. Once the wrappers are complete, a final quality check is conducted to ensure we are happy with the results.

  • The Results

    The final result is a vehicle with a personalised touch, unique to this individual.