Porsche 911 Carrera 4S
3M 2080 Gloss Storm Grey

In addition to vinyl, Reforma also specialises in unique Ford Ranger Conversions and this Silver Ford Ranger Wildtrack is another example of how simple enhancements can improve the overall look of a vehicle.

In this particular case, we decided to change it up and go for a more unusual option by painting the normally grey elements and colour coding them in silver. Then to finish a Reforma styling package in 3M Satin Black 2080 was then added as a final, personalised touch.

  • The Process

    The process begun by completing a thorough wash on the vehicle to ensure all the dirt and debris was removed. The vehicle was then stripped down by removing the standard wheels, bumpers, lights and trims to ensure our vehicle wrapping team could apply the vinyl around the trims to ensure there was no lift in the future. New colour coded wildtrack parts were then refitted which instantly changed the vehicle’s appearance. New upgraded 18″ alloys, wrapped in all terrain BFGoodrich tyres were fitted to finalise the look.

  • The Results

    The finished result looks stunning for the Ford Ranger. Subtle changes of colour to the coded silver parts along with extended wheel arches and off-road, sturdier tyres gives this vehicle a more robust look.