Porsche Cayman
Avery Supreme Satin Black

This Porsche Cayman came to Reforma for a full Satin Black wrap. The owner of this vehicle is not only a good friend of Reforma’s but has also taken advantage of our sister companies – LW Graphics & The White Space to renovate his new hair salon in Guiseley.

  • The Process

    The original colour of the vehicle was metallic black therefore the process as always begins by giving the vehicle a thorough wash removing all dirt from the vehicle. It is then brought into one of our bays to be further stripped down. Removing parts such as the bumpers, lights, trims and wheels. With our wheel refurbishment program, the wheels were sent to retrieve a fresh new look. The vehicle wrapping process then begun by further prepping each surface to remove the finer specs of dust. The Avery Supreme Satin Black was then laid onto each panel by our industry trained vehicle wrappers ensuring the highest level of quality throughout. Once each panel & trim is complete, our quality controls team check the Porsche to ensure we are happy with the standard of work conducted. The Porsche is then resembled with a final technical check ensuring the vehicle is functioning as it did when it came in.

  • The Results

    The final result is a Porsche Cayman with a fresh new look. Subtle in its appearance but yet classy – something which the owner was keen to achieve. Upon first impression, our client was very impressed with the finish. ‘Impressive’ being the word he chose to describe his newly wrapped Porsche.