Maserati Granturismo
PPF De-Wrap

Reforma UK are known for premium vehicle wraps but we also like to offer other services to our clients such as de-wraps. This Maserati Granturismo came to Reforma to have its front end paint protection film to be removed.

  • The Process

    The de-wrapping process seems simple to many people but it is a vital and key aspect to ensure it is done right. You can run the risk of damaging your paintwork if not done correctly. Our vehicle wrapping team have the experience and knowledge on how to remove the film leaving your paintwork in its original condition. Many areas which are overlooked are the panel gaps where vinyl is often left and also the glue from the vinyl. At Reforma, we ensure this is not the case and work with our quality teams to check over every area of the vehicle.

  • The Results

    The final result is a Maserati Granturismo with its original paint back on show. Highlighting how film can not only protect the paint work of your car but help you when it comes to selling your vehicle on.