Rolls Royce Cullinan
Gloss Black De-Chrome

The prestigious Rolls Royce Cullinan, a work of art and luxury. Fully de-chromed to showcase how a small modification can change the overall look.

  • The Process

    The process of a de-chrome always begins with throughout preparation.

    We give the car a full wash down to remove all contaminants from the surface. After the vehicle is cleaned down and dried, our trained technicians begin to strip down the car of all its chrome parts ready for either painting or wrapping.
    Vinyl does have its application limits therefore if we feel a part is at risk of failure in the future, we will recommend to paint. Areas such as handles and badging are commonly painted in the industry. Once all the parts have been wrapped and painted, our trained technicians begin to re-assemble the vehicle.
    Along the process quality controlling the parts to ensure they adhere to our high standards. A final controls check is completed, ensuring electrics like sensors are still operating as they should and finally a full polish.

  • The Results

    Once completed de-chrome the car is ready to hit the road again in style. This small transformation proves that even little modifications can change the overall appearance of the car.