Ford Ranger WildTrak
Raptor Conversion

At Reforma we like to showcase our abilities of what we can do. This Ford Ranger is a great example of bespoke vehicle personalisation. Purchased as a standard Wildtrak, the brief was simple, make it look like the iconic Ford Ranger Raptor. This consisted of a whole new body styling package including wings, bumpers and wheels. In addition to this, vinyl colour coding and painting.

  • The Process

    Each conversion begins with a full strip down of the vehicles. Our technicians will remove 80% of the exterior from bumpers, lights, wheels, trims, vents, grilles, rear trunk and steps. Our unique painted body styling package is then applied to the shell of the vehicle immediately giving it a wider more muscular stance. Trims are then wrapped to the customers specification. Whether this be gloss, satin or metallic in a choice of various colours. Once each trim is wrapped, it is quality checked and placed back onto the vehicle. This particular model had the sporty Black Rhino 20 inch Overland wheels fitted with Renegade R7 tyres. This raised the height and width of the vehicle fitting flush to the new wider arches. Light guards were implemented to the rear with some final satin black FORD decals to the rear.

  • The Results

    The final result shows a completely transformed vehicle. Bigger, wider, more aggressive and one hundred percent unique.