Tesla Model 3
Satin Key West

Tesla 3 Car Wrap in Satin Key West 3M vinyl, making it a truly one of a kind vehicle on the road.

The customer came to Reforma looking to give his car a completely new, inimitable look. We helped him choose the right colour by going through all our swatch books together. He chose the bright, turquoise shade in Satin Finish, something which is super rare on the road.

  • The Process

    Tesla 3 Car Wrap Process begins by giving the vehicle a thorough wash down. We then give it a clean inside to ensure it’s free of any contaminants or debris.

    Our technicians then begin to strip down the main parts of Tesla.

    Production team pre-cuts the vinyl so it’s ready for application. Wrappers work on Tesla panels individually making sure the finish is immaculate.

    Once the vehicle is reassembled, our manager conducts a quality check inspecting each panel on it’s own.

    The final step is both an internal & external vehicle wash and detail ready for the client to collect.

  • The Results

    The final outcome is truly remarkable, with this breathtaking Tesla catching the attention of everyone on the road.

    The color choice is simply perfect for those seeking to make a stylish statement and stand out in a class of their own.

    Looking to wrap your Tesla? You can contact us to get a free colour and discuss your options here.