Suzuki Vitara
Metallic Milky Way

A new addition to our wrapping film range is Avery Supreme – Metallic Milky Way. This material can be used to wrap entire vehicles or just specific sections, and offers a extremely glittery metallic finish with glimmers in the sunlight.

On this new Suzuki Vitara, we opted for a roof wrap, that would start and end at natural lines on the cars bodywork.

  • The Process

    Before the new vinyl is applied, the roof bars and trim on the roof had to be removed first. This allows us to clean the roof panels thoroughly, which is important to ensure a long lasting result. After this, the glittery vinyl is applied carefully to the roof section.

    The finish of the wrapping film is smooth and flawless, giving the roof a black finish from a distance, but up close the metallic shine starts to show through.

  • The Results

    This is the first time we’ve used the new range of wrapping materials from Avery, and we’re really impressed – the result is a really unique roof wrap which gives the vehicle a finishing touch.