Land Rover Defender 110
3M Satin Dark Grey

This Land Rover Defender 110 wrapped in Carpathian style excluding bonnet and roof is another Defender added to our collection of vehicles wrapped at Reforma UK. The colour chosen by our customer is a stealthy, dark and sophisticated 3M Satin Dark Grey which compliments this iconic, terrain vehicle. Conducting a full vehicle wrap requires extensive preparation from the start. Washing and prepping the car is key to a quality finish. Ensuring there are no contaminants which may show through the vinyl. We therefore have a vigorous 3 stage clean prior to the vehicle entering our workshop. Once in, it is dried off with a combination of micro-fibre towels and blowers. Our trained vehicle technicians then begin to strip the car down. Beginning with the bumpers and moving around to the trims such as handles and window surround. With the vinyl already pre-cut by our production team, our vehicle wrapping team begin to apply the vinyl. Working one panel at a time slowly transforming the look of this new defender. Both the front and rear bumper centres are sent to our off-site paint facility to be completed in gloss black. With such an intricate design, vinyl would not be able to comply hence why we would recommend painting. Once the 3M vinyl has been applied and we receive the painted parts, our workshop manager conducts a quality check to ensure it surpasses our standards. The same technician who dis-assembled the vehicle now begins to rebuild the Defender knowing exactly how it came apart. Once built back up, the Defender is put through a controls check to ensure all electronics such as sensors and lights are working as they should. The final step is both an internal & external vehicle wash and detail ready for the client to collect.


  • The Process

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