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Range Rover Sport SVR – The Ultimate Sports SUV

There’s something to be said about a vehicle which combines two things that usually sit at opposite ends of the spectrum of the car world; A large, high-up offroading vehicle and high speed performance that attains you a 8 minute, 14 second lap of the Nurburgring.

The Range Rover Sport SVR was released in 2014 and offers a 5.0 litre Supercharged V8 engine which allows this 2,100kg vehicle to propel from zero to sixty-two in only 4.7 seconds!

This mammoth of a vehicle is fitted with high performance in mind in every aspect, including harder sports suspension which enabled it to get that Nurburgring time, and some of the biggest brake discs you’ve ever seen on a road going vehicle.

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SVR: Special Vehicles Operations
We wrapped this Range Rover earlier this year in Satin Pearl White, whilst maintaining the gloss black pillars and roof; giving it a nice two-tone look and a unique colour on a vehicle of this nature.
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In addition to the improved performance, the SVR model also features a redesigned front bumper with large air dams, the body sits lower, the alloy wheels are larger and the wheel arches are wider thanks to the bulging arch trims; giving the vehicle a more aggressive look.

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