Hydro Dipping
& Hydrographics

Hydro Dipping is a process that allows an object to have a colour, pattern or design applied to its surface, in a permanent, high-quality finish. This means completely custom finishes can be applied to each different part, allowing for a truly unique finished product.

We have a huge number of finishes available to choose from, giving you huge control over how you want your vehicle to be customised. As well as this, the parts that you are able to customise are almost endless; splitters, diffusers, wing mirrors, alloy wheels, interior trim, badges and more.

Why Choose Reforma UK
for Hydro Dipping?


Firstly the design of what you would like to achieve is put together. With a huge range of finishes and colours available for hydro dipping, as well as a huge option of parts from your car that can be dipped, this allows complete control to create a unique customised vehicle.


Next any parts due to be hydro-dipped are removed from the car and thoroughly cleaned, ensuring the quality of the part is not harmed by the customisation process.


Our expert team now take the time to carefully hydro dip the part, ensuring a high-quality finish and great look.


The part is now re-applied to the car, leaving your vehicle looking unique, eye-catching and stand out.

  • Some of the areas
    we can Hydrodrip

    Vents & Intakes

    Customising the vents and intakes on your car shows true attention to detail and can help create a consistent theme throughout the design of your vehicle.

  • Some of the areas
    we can Hydrodrip

    Wing Mirrors

    Wing mirrors look great when hydro dipped, adding either a unique colour or pattern to fit the theme of your vehicle throughout.

  • Some of the areas
    we can Hydrodrip

    Alloy Wheels

    Alloy wheels are one of the most popular areas to have hydro dipped on a vehicle. These can completely rejuvenate the look of a vehicle which can create a sense of individuality.

  • Some of the areas
    we can Hydrodrip

    Interior Trim

    Hydro dipping is an incredibly easy and cost effective way to change the look of your interior, an area often overlooked when it comes to vehicle customisation, but one that is key.

  • Some of the areas
    we can Hydrodrip

    Splitters & Diffusers

    Customised splitters and diffusers can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle. Often completed in carbon fibre to bring out the secondary elements of the car.

Some of the areas
we can Hydrodrip

Some Areas We Can Hydrodip

When it comes to choosing which part of your car would you would like to be hydro dipped, the choice is huge. Everything from wing mirrors, bumpers, interior parts and alloy wheels are able to be hydro-dipped, allowing for a vehicle that is completely custom to you.

Our Hydro Dipping
Services Leeds

We can offer hydro dipping services in two ways. The most common is for you to bring your car to us, at our specialist Bradford unit. We’ll remove the parts, coat them in a hydrographic finish, lacquer them to give them a matte, satin or gloss finish, and then re-fit the parts.

Alternatively, you can remove your parts and send them to us, we can hydro dip them and then send them back to you, ready to be fitted to your vehicle.

Premium Vehicle Wrapping
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Specialising in premium automotive customisation, at Reforma we are passionate about getting the finished result at the highest standards.