Range Rover Evoque
3M Satin Caramel Luster

Range Rover Evoque – the most expressive vehicle from the JLR range. As a result, consumers love to apply their personal touch however that may look. This particular client was looking to incorporate the copper look we now see in the First Edition Velars to her roof and rear splitter. Matching the already current copper accents around the lower slats, side vents and bonnet vents.

  • The Process

    Although this was not a full vehicle wrap, we do still give the vehicle a full clean down, firstly to ensure no dirt is picked up from the backing paper onto the roof but also to return the vehicle to the customer feeling like a brand new vehicle. Once the vehicle has been cleaned down, the roof section is further prepped with our special solution. This ensures no tar spots beneath the vinyl. The 3M 2080 Satin Caramel Luster is then applied with a team of two slowly using their squeegee to place the vinyl onto the surface. Heat is applied around the edges to allow the vinyl to form naturally around the corners. It is then trimmed by hand leaving a seamless finish. The final stage is a quality check and a final polish.

  • The Results

    The results of the wrap looked great. It gave this particular Evoque its own personality and appearance on the road. Our client was extremely happy and was over the moon upon arrival with how different her car looked after such a quick enhancement. She also seems to have set a trend as from this wrap, we have received multiple requests for the same colour on other client vehicles. If you are interested in something similar, please feel free to get in touch with our Reforma team today.