Range Rover Evoque
3M Gloss Fierce Fuchsia

This Range Rover Evoque was brought to us by TG Brokers, based in Harrogate. Looking to apply a unique wrap to make this luxury SUV stand out the road. The client came to visit us at our purpose built unit in Baildon, looking to browse through our extensive range of colours and finishes from both our 3M and Avery Supreme range. He opted to go for the bright 3M Gloss Fierce Fuchsia.

  • The Process

    The process begins by giving the car a deep clean, eliminating all the dirt and debris from the surface. It is then brought into our workshop to be stripped down. Parts such as the bumper, lights, trims and grills are removed in order for our vehicle wrapping team to fully prep the vehicle. A final clean is conducted prior to the vinyl being applied to the Evoque. We at Reforma have completed many Range Rover models therefore we have a well experienced team on hand to complete the wrap to a high standard. Once the wrapping process is complete, our technicians team reassemble the vehicle ensuring regular checks throughout to ensure we are happy with the standard of work produced. Once the Evoque is rebuilt, we give the car a final clean and other final check over the vinyl.

  • The Results

    The final result is a bright and striking new Range Rover Evoque. The 3MĀ Gloss Fierce Fuchsia colour highlighting the elegant curves of this iconic shape. A stand out colour both in the sun as well as the night. ‘Mega!’ was the word used by our client upon first sight of the vehicle.