Maserati Quattroporte
Cosmic Blue Wrap

A cosmic blue wrap was fitted to this Maserati Quattroporte, giving a stunning glossy blue look which looks beautiful in the sun.

  • The Process

    The car came to us in simple gloss black, and it was decided that it would be wrapped in one of 3M’s new for 2015 colours, Cosmic Blue.

    To begin the wrap, the car is first cleaned outside. It is then brought inside, and the preperation can begin.
    For this car, the door inserts are also to be wrapped, this is the area visible only when the doors are open. To wrap this area, the doors have to be removed entirely to allow a high quality finish.

    Additional panels are wrapped seperately, ensuring each panel is consistently wrapped in Cosmic Blue.

    Once every panel is wrapped, they are re-fitted and each is checked to ensure the finish is 100%.
    The car is then cleaned again, ready for collection.

  • The Results

    The colour suits the car pefectly and really complements the lines of the Quattroporte. See more photos below of the wrap work and finish.