Jaguar F-Type
Matte Black

We were contacted with the idea of this new Jaguar F-Type to be transformed from Gloss Black to Matte Black – To give the vehicle a mean stealthy look. The wrap would also protect the paintwork of the vehicle, increasing its resale value. This helps to prevent stone chips, scratches and scuffs, with the benefits of being easily replacable if a single panel is damaged – in this situation only the offending panel needs to be replaced with fresh vinyl.

  • The Process

    The vehicle was brought to us, and we also suggested some carbon dipped accessories to match the existing Carbon Fibre parts from Jaguar. The car had been specified with a Carbon Pack, however we also treated the front splitters, rear diffuser, rear arch lips and interior trim. This removed all bland plastic from the outside, replacing it with glossy carbon parts.

    The car was stripped down and every little trim piece was labelled and boxed while the car was being wrapped. The wrap started with the main bodywork, the wings and doors. Then the bumpers were split to the main piece, then the bumper is refitted, wrapped on the vehicle, then removed again to finish off the wrap, giving us a lot more access to work on the part when it’s off the vehicle.

    Once the car was wrapped it is carefully re-assembled to its original state, helping keep the wrap neat, tidy and looking as great as an F-Type should. The vehicle is checked over closely to ensure the quality of the wrap is up to the highest standards, a perfect, seamless finish.

  • The Results

    As you can see the outside of the car looks phenomenal and a real transformation from the stock car, it now looks amazing all the way around the car – and even the interior got some carbon dipped touches to carry on the quality feel inside and out. The Jaguar F-Type was a pleasure to work on, read more about this brilliant sports car on the Jaguar F-Type page.