Wrapping the M4 Nardo Grey

bmw m4 nardo grey wrap front angled

We had a chat with Brad, after he completed work on the BMW M4 that we wrapped in Nardo Grey. Brad did a large portion of the wrapping on this one, so it was almost his personal project for the week.

Q: How did your overall process work?

I started by stripping the car down, ready for preparation. Once this is complete, I cleaned each panel thoroughly until the entire car was clean and dry.
The wrapping then started, beginning at the rear of the vehicle, working forwards to the front end. After each panel is wrapped, it then gets trimmed along the edges.
When the whole car has been wrapped, the car starts to be re-assembled and cleaned, ready for collection.

Q: What is the material like to work with? Are there any special considerations needed?

We used Avery Supreme Gloss Grey as the main bodywork colour, as this is quite similar to Audi’s Nardo Grey paint option. I find this a really easy material to work with, as it goes around the corners easily, and it takes heat really well – which makes corners and recesses quicker and easier.

bmw m4 blog wrap

Q: What is the BMW M4 like to wrap, are there any difficult bodywork/trim sections to deal with?

Overall it was middle of the road, not too hard but not easy either. The panel I found hardest was the rear tailgate, as it has a large flat top section, and a sharp corner which is curved – meaning some careful stretching and manipulation of the vinyl is needed.

Q: Are you happy with the results? What do you think about the completed car?

I’m really happy with the finished results, it’s one of my favorite wrapped cars i’ve ever seen. I loved the colour which helped, and the gloss black details we added really finished it off.

bmw m4 nardo grey wrap front

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