Why You Shouldn’t DIY Wrap Your Car: Trust the experts.

Why you shouldn’t DIY wrap your car.


Wrapping your car can be expensive so many people consider doing it themselves as a way to save money. There is also a sense of accomplishment when completing a difficult job reserved only for experts. Some jobs however should be left to professionals.

In this blog post we will discuss why exactly it is not a good idea to DIY your car wrap.



Damage to your car.


That’s the main reason why you should never attempt to wrap your car yourself. Car wrapping involves using scalpels, heat guns and primers, all of which if used incorrectly can cause significant damage to your vehicle.

Scalpel blades are extremely sharp and they require an experienced technician to know how deeply to cut into the vinyl. Wrapping shops use medical scalpel blades – someone inexperienced won’t even feel when cutting through the surface of a car.  This can be a costly mistake and it’s a very easy one to make.

You can melt the plastic parts of your car by using a heat gun incorrectly. It seems like a silly mistake but vinyl loves high temperatures and requires them in order to ensure no peeling and a good stretch. When post or pre heating your vinyl it’s easy to damage not only the vinyl but also car parts – it happens even to experienced technicians.

Damaging original car paint is another possible negative outcome. Using poor quality vinyl, applying it onto bad or not cured paintwork can all cause permanent damage


Vehicle wrappers are experts.


Wrapping the cars is not just heating the film and stretching it to wrap around the panels. Like with any other profession, experience is what makes the difference.

With so many colours and manufacturers there is not one right way to fit the vinyl. Not only brands but even specific shades require different way to fit them. Choosing someone experienced gives you assurance that they have already worked with many different films and know how use them.

Certain colours and finishes are more prone to leave glue lines and ugly finish. It might take many attempts to figure out how to work with the vinyl. There is also a possibility of faulty material – if you’ve never worked with specific brand or colour before, how will you know what it should be like?


edge of car wrapped in pink vinyl showing vinyl coming off and poor quality


Ugly finish and peeling off.


There is one certain thing about car wrapping – if done wrong, the vinyl will almost certainly peel off. It’s not only about making your car look nice but also making the vinyl stay where it should.

Vinyl can only be stretched so much, and inexperienced vehicle wrappers often make mistake of overstretching it. It usually results in wrap coming off the edges shortly after doing the job. The picture above is the perfect example of an ugly joint and vinyl peeling off the edges which is a result of poor fitting.

You’re almost hundred percent likely to get similar results if you decide to DIY car wrap.


Warranty protection.


Many vinyl manufacturers offer warranties for their products, but these warranties are typically contingent on professional installation. Attempting a DIY car wrap can void these warranties, leaving you without the safety net of coverage in case of material defects or installation issues.

Professionally installed wraps often come with warranties that provide peace of mind. If any problems arise, you can rely on the installer to address them, saving you time, money and stress.


Cost Effectivenes.


This seems to be the main reason why people decide to DIY wrap their car – yet we have so many customers who come to our workshop for a rewrap of their failed car wrap attempt. At that point we have to charge extra for dewrapping plus fixing any potential damages caused to the car.

Not only it is much more expensive but it’s also time consuming which is the opposite of cost effectiveness.







While DIY car wrapping projects can be enticing, the potential drawbacks, including subpar results, voided warranties, and wasted time and money, make the choice of professional car wrapping a prudent one. Trusting experienced installers with the skills, knowledge, and tools necessary for a flawless car wrap guarantees a stunning finish and long-lasting satisfaction for your investment.

Ultimately, when it comes to car wrapping, it’s best to leave it to the professionals. Their expertise and commitment to quality ensure that your vehicle will turn heads for all the right reasons.

All the pictures in the post come from The Wrap Police instagram account – we recommend to give it a look when thinking of DIY wrapping your car.


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