Two Tone Colours – The Rolls Royce Signature

Rolls Royce Wraith Wrapped Side

Rolls Royce’s have featured two-tone finishes and looks since the Silver Cloud from the mid-fifties; those cars having the lower section of the bodywork in one colour, and the sections above the doorhandles in another, contrasting color, usually silver, but sometimes black.

rolls royce silver cloud blog

In modern Rolls Royces, it is possible to specify the vehicle with a contrasting brushed steel bonnet from the factory, however there’s a lot more flexibility in wrapping your bonnet and or roof/boot sections in a contrasting colour or finish.

rolls royce wraith wrapped silver bits

Recently we fitted a Metallic Silver Bonnet, Roof and Boot section to a Rolls Royce Wraith, which really suits this treatment as the bodywork features a sculpture line that continues the full length of the vehicle, just like the Silver Cloud. This even extends around the famous chrome Rolls Royce front grille, tying the front and back of the vehicle together cohesively.

rolls royce phantom cosmic blue front bonnet brushed

Another, more premium finish than a Gloss Metallic, is one of our Brushed finishes – there’s a range of them available in different shades. The one we chose for the Phantom above was Brushed Steel, which adds a realistic steel texture, look and feel which adds great detail to the bodywork.

It’s not just limited to Rolls Royces either – we can supply and fit one of these amazing finishes to your vehicle; get in touch and see what we can do for you.

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