Top Gear Rally Car by Reforma

Top Gear Rally Car Design Banner

Exciting times for Reforma; our designer, Shabaz Bashir, produced an awesome design for the Top Gear Hyundai i20 rally car, entered as part of a competition for Top Gear Magazine. This design was produced and displayed on a 3D model, allowing the true finish of the vehicle to be displayed accurately, resulting in a stunning looking design.

We then submitted the design to Top Gear and waited. Last week we heard back; our design had been judged and voted as the favourite. This means our design will be reproduced and fitted onto the Top Gear Rally Car, ready for its debut at Wales Rally GB, driven by Top Gear Editor Ollie Marriage.

“It was the unique crazy paving effect that really swung the judges’ vote – that and the mirror finish that we reckon might look the business reflecting back the trees and scenery during Wales Rally GB. Until it’s covered in mud, that is…”

Top Gear Rally Car

Well done to our designer Shabaz who designed the graphics and then rendered them in a 3D environment – It will be great to see the design racing around the 23 stages!

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Photos: BBC/Top Gear Magazine

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