Porsche Taycan Full Wrap in Satin Black

This month we had a chance to transform the look of the ultimate beauty – Porsche Taycan, the fully electric Sports Car. The customer wanted to stick to the timeless colour enhancing the luxury character of the car and chose Satin Black finish for his wrap. A lot of our customers choose to stick to the same colour and this Porsche Wrap is the perfect example of just how much the finish itself can change the overall look of your vehicle.

The Gloss version of vehicle when it arrived at Reforma was already stunning.

Porsche Taycan Gloss Black

Wrapping a Porsche Taycan in satin black vinyl involves several steps that require attention to detail and precision. At Reforma we follow the strict 12 steps process to ensure we only deliver the best results – the right preparation and cleaning of the vehicle is the absolute key. After initial clean the car is brought into the workshop so our team of mechanics can begin to strip parts of vehicle required for wrapping – Parts such as the bumpers, grills, lights, trims and wheels are removed in order for vinyl to wrap around the edges for that perfect finish. Before applying the vinyl, the surface of the car must be thoroughly cleaned to remove any dirt, grime, or contaminants. If you ever wondered how the wrapping of your vehicle looks like in progress, here are some progress shots we took during this Porsche transformation.

Porsche Taycan wrapping process

The favourite part of the process is always reassembling already wrapped vehicle to see how it comes back together in a new light. This Porsche not only got its exterior fully wrapped but also the inserts – visible parts of the car once the doors are open. It was one of our favourite projects this month and we are excited to show you the results below.

This Porsche wrapped in Satin Black vinyl is a stunning sight to behold.

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