On trend for 2017: Colour changing vinyls

Colour Flip Wrap Blog

We’ve noticed a resurgence in the popularity of colour flip in today’s customisation scenes. Back in the 1990’s, Flip paint was at its peak of popularity for customised cars, also being named Flip-flop, chameleon, pearlescent, chromaflair or simply just “colour change” paint.

In late 2016, Avery Dennison released a range of 5 unique “ColourFlow” vinyls which we wrote about back in September, and in 2017 they added an additional 18 new colours to the range.

3M also joined the party in late 2016, adding 3 new colour flip options to their 3M 1080 range.

These fantastic colours can flip between 2 or 3 colours, are available in gloss, metallics and satin finishes, and really give any customised car a unique edge that can’t be matched with regular vinyl.

Flip colours rely a lot on light – so as the day progresses and as you move around different sides of a vehicle wrapped in this sort of colour, the car’s look constantly changes – making for a visual that never gets old.

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It’s fantastic to see colour flip colours back in popularity, it adds a whole new level of detail to the look of your vehicle – and the now wide-range of colour choices from 3M and Avery mean you’re sure to stand out from the crowd.

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