Lamborghini Transformed from Orange to White

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We sat down for a chat with a member of our vehicle wrapping team, Stephen, to speak with him about the Lamborghini Huracan he wrapped last month, transforming it from the original Aranco Borealis to a classic Gloss White colour.

Q: What did your overall process involve?

In addition to our regular wrapping process, more trim is required to be removed to allow a perfect finish; such as the large “Sill” trims and the petrol cap assembly. This ensures that all of the Orange bodywork is covered, a perfect colour change.

Q: What is the material like to work with? Are there any special considerations needed?

We used Avery Supreme Gloss White and Gloss Black – This is my favourite material to work with, as it’s very conformable and efficient to fit, as well as having a great finish. Some difficult parts to wrap can be pointed edges, the Huracan has quite a lot of them! On certain panels, seperate pieces of vinyl need to be used and joined – however it’s done in a very clever way that makes it almost impossible to see where.

lee stephen wrapping lamborghini

Q: What is the bodywork of the Huracan like to wrap, are there any difficult bodywork/trim sections to deal with?

There’s lots of sharp lines and pointy bits of bodywork in the design of this car, it’s part of Lamborghini’s style. Me and the team have a lot of experience with these sorts of challenges, and we always have a great result. The original colour being Orange also adds a challenge, as even a tiny spot of original colour visible from the outside would ruin the look – so every panel has to be wrapped very thoroughly.

Q: The gloss black detailing on the car made a big difference to the look, how do you make the two-tone look so good?

We spend a lot of time finding the best areas to add a contrasting colour to, as there’s a few different ways it could be done. We try to find a natural contour line that reflects light in the right way – the gloss black vinyl then begins at this point and is wrapped to cover the specific section we want to contrast.

Q: Are you happy with the results? What do you think about the completed car?

This is one of the best projects i’ve worked on, the colour change from orange to White/Black was a huge transformation and it was really satisfying to stand back and look at the amazing result. See the full case study of this project here.

Lamborghini Huracan 1380 Gloss White Side

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