Jaguar XE Launch and Jaguar Future


Jaguar recently launched the eagerly awaited XE concept, which stands to be its crucial new saloon to fight the Audi A4 and BMW 3-Series in the heavily competitive D-segment market. The XE comes with high hopes of reigning in the profits  The XE appears to be the icing on the cake to an all new Jaguar future. The British car company is out in full force to bring the brand back on top to where many feel it belongs.

Jaguar CX-75
Jaguar Cx-75 concept launched in 2010, is a truly stunning piece of sculpture. A signature of what Jaguar does best, sophisticated, sports car, sculptured elegance. A huge leap for the future of super car power train with the car original proposed to run on Jet turbines hybrid engine. Rumours circulated that the CX-75 would cost too much to produce and Jaguar feared it wouldn’t reach the desired sales required to be a profit for the brand. However, Jaguar continue to play with the CX-75 releasing an electric 1.6litre  turbocharged and supercharged engine hybrid producing 850bhp, breaking top speeds of 200mph and 0-100mph under 6seconds. We’re all sitting and hoping Jaguar finds a way to bring this work of art to production, and graces the British roads some time soon.
jaguar xe


Jaguar F-Type
Jaguar did the unthinkable and revived the E-Type name creating the follow up vehicle, the F-Type, over 40years in the making if the name is anything to go by. The F-Type is a sleek, sculptured sports car. Short rear over hand with a long raging bonnet outstretched in front. Launched firstly as a convertible and followed up by the even more stunning coupe version the car brought along with it some high ambitions for Jaguar fans. The rasp of the engine as it rattles the exhaust and climbs through the rev range screeches along the road and is truly  a sound to experience like no other on the road. The price for the F-type puts its firmly in contention with the Porsche 911 which is an almost impossible market to break into. If anything can do it, this F-type has all the right ingredients to do so, but only time will tell if the F-Type can pry devoted customers out of the clutches of Porsche.
jaguar xe

Jaguar CX-17
The Jaguar CX-17 is a completely new platform venture for Jaguar, using the experience and knowledge of their Land Rover brother. The Jaguar CX-17 is an SUV platform looking to sit between the Range Evoque and the Range Rover Sport. The SUV market is an ever expanding, lucrative market which Jaguar has produced a winning design to cash in on. The concept already received design awards for its elegant and futuristic interior. The strong 4×4 stance still manages to show some F-type influences and keeps the sportiness we’re accustomed too from Jaguar, evident in the fast C-pillar and rake rear window. While some still need time to get used to seeing the sports car brand in a 4×4 stance, all credit is due to the Jaguar design team for making the SUV look like a true Jaguar, opening further platforms for the future.
jaguar xe

Jaguar XE
The XE is set to be the money-maker across the range. One of the biggest selling markets for cars, the D-segment, Jaguar has played their cards carefully with this car waiting for the right time to launch the vehicle. The XE was launched with one of the most revealing events ever seen, with the car flown in via helicopter over the British capital, followed by a theatre production of a young Scotsman with a dream of designing race cars and Jaguars.
jaguar xe

Jaguar certainly has all the right ingredients in their latest line up. Their design team Going above and beyond to re-establish the brand, from design, to unique car launch events and a huge push from their marketing team. The rest of Jaguar’s future is down to the public and prospective buyers. Lets hope the public break free from the dominance of the German brands and return for the Jaguar journey back to its former glory.

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