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All the Volkswagen ID Buzz Accessories – Wraps, Body Kits and Conversions.

Car accessories are not only practical additions to your vehicle but also a way to enhance your driving experience and personalize your ride.

From high-tech gadgets to functional upgrades and stylish accents, the market is filled with an array of ID Buzz Accessories that cater to various needs and preferences.

In this blog post, we will explore different accessories available on the market for electric ID Buzz Cargo vehicles.


Volkswagen ID Buzz Camper Van Conversions


VW ID Buzz Camper is one conversion that everyone is waiting for. Volkswagen announced the release of its California ID. Buzz for 2026 which is still a long time from now. Luckily for those who don’t want to wait, there are ways to convert your Buzz available on the market already.

At Reforma we can add a Camper Van Pod to your Buzz to instantly turn it into a high-spec camper van.

  1. 1. It is fully removable and comes with a double ring gas burner.
  2. 2. The hob unit also offers a good size sink.
  3. 3. Stylish chrome tap with integrated fresh and waste tanks included.
  4. 4. Electric Waste Water Valve to drain and dispose of waste easily.
  5. 5. Large storage cupboard underneath with interchangeable shelves.


Rear picture of ID Buzz conversion into Camper van


Volkswagen ID Buzz Alloy Wheels and Tyres


Probably the most popular visual upgrade for any vehicle conversion. Alloy wheels can completely transform the style of your vehicle or complete the look like illustrated in the picture below.

This black ID Buzz Cargo with roof wrapped in Satin Black and Black Alloy Wheels is one of the most popular conversions we have completed at Reforma so far. It’s also a perfect example how changing alloy wheels can elevate the entire look of your ID Buzz.

We have a dedicated post for this conversion here. The alloys are from Velare Wheels – British Manufacturer with over 50 years of experience.

side view of Volkswagen ID Buzz bottom half in gloss black and half top wrapped in satin Black against wooden wall
Black ID Buzz cargo


Volkswagen ID Buzz Body Kits


Body Kits can give your vehicle completely different character. You can make your car more sporty or aggressive or upgrade it for a more stylish and sleek look.

Body Kits usually include but are not limited to parts like Front and Rear Bumper, Spoiler, Side Skirts, Front and Rear Arches and Tailgate. Body kits are available to purchase all together or to configure individually.


id buzz cargo orange top and satin grey bottom with black gloss bodykit id buzz cargo orange top and satin grey bottom with black gloss bodykit


Volkswagen ID Buzz Bike Rack Systems


Those who enjoy cycling might consider installing a bike rack system in the back of their Buzz. They are perfect for transporting your bikes safely and securely. They often don’t require gluing or drilling (depending on the model) and can be easily removed from the van.




Volkswagen ID Buzz Carpet Lining


Carpet Lining is another available conversion option which many customers opt for. It allows to turn a noisy and big van into a warm and quiet space.

Camper van carpet acts as an extra thermal layer. It helps to keep your van cool in the hot summer months whilst keeping it warm when it’s cold outside in the winter.

There is also a style element – it just looks so much better with lining inside.




Volkswagen ID Buzz Roof Bars


Roof Bars are another addition allowing to transport more heavy loads like a load stop or a ladder carrier. They can carry heavy loads, even up to 100kg and can offer wide loading area to mount large accessories.

It’s perfect for those enjoying an active lifestyle but always worrying on how to transport their accessories.


Volkswagen ID Buzz Car Wraps


Car Wraps for Volkswagen ID Buzz cars and vans have been increasing in popularity ever since the launch of vehicle in 2022. From simply different shades to a funky, printed wraps inspired by Volkswagen classic camper van customers have many options to choose from.

Just like in the classic model, the vehicle’s natural lines split the car body in half. That offers many options regarding colours for those who opt for more than one. Below is one of the Reforma projects we are currently working on which incorporates many vinyl options.




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