Formula One Singapore Grand Prix

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The Formula One championship pendulum continues to swing back and forth once again. It’s very clear the championship is heading to the Mercedes camp, but the all important question we’re all waiting for, which driver will take the title Hamilton or Rosberg. Hamilton seems to have broken the shackles of his bad luck which had his fans fearing the title was slipping from his grasp in mid-season. Battling from behind in Monza the stage was set for Hamilton to make a strong come back in Singapore.

In a thrilling qualifying session all eyes were firmly on the two Mercedes drivers, with a loose eye on the two Red Bulls who’s car suits perfectly for the twisty Singapore track. However, nothing was going to stand in the way of the Mercedes drivers who are now racing like fierce rivals, a big change from the childhood friends in karting where their relationship began. Rosberg pushed Hamilton right to the wire, but the Brit managed to steal pole by 0.007 seconds, the closest qualifying of the season. When notified on the radio Robserg expressed his disappointment with a ‘Damn it!’ in response to his engineer.

When Hamilton’s dominance couldn’t seem to rise any higher, his good fortunes climbed even higher as Rosberg’s car was hit with a failure. A clear concern for the Mercedes team as they’ve been hit with yet another car fault but it’s hard to imagine Hamilton not beaming with delight at seeing the retirement of his teammate.
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The pressure was still on, with the two raging bulls racing down hard in Hamilton’s wing mirrors. The Singapore grand prix is one of the toughest and most head exhausting races of the season with it reaching within the two-hour time limit each year, along with a guaranteed safety car.

Hamilton put in a faultless drive with the championship lead firmly in his sights. With the Red Bull’s pushing him right to the wire, with the assistance of a safety car reigning Hamilton’s lead back in to give Vettel and Ricciardo a chance to steal the victory from Lewis causing complications to his strategy. Closing into the final laps of the race and Hamilton having to make a pit-stop to meet the race legislation requirements the pressure was on to increase the gap to Vettel all over again with very few laps to do so.
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Hamilton pushed lap after lap and a faultess pit-stop from the Mercedes team put Hamilton out tightly between the two Red Bulls. With the fresher tyres Hamilton made an easy pass to reclaim the lead and to take the victory of the Singapore Grand Prix, and put the Brit back on top of the Formula One drivers championship for the first time since the start of the season.
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The stage is set with only five races left, and the fans can’t help but feel the unappreciated new double points rule for the final race of the season will come into play in this dramatic 2014 script.
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