Ferrari 296 GTB Vinyl Detailing and PPF

Ferrari 296 GTB


Front Quarter view of Red Ferrari 296 GTB against dark cladding and front lights turned on

Recently at Reforma we had a chance to work on the New Model of Ferrari – Ferrari 296 GTB.

The car came to us for Vinyl Detailing and additional PPF and we are happy to share the finished results with you in this post.

Ferrari is a leading manufacturer amongst the other Supercar Brands in the UK. There are around 15 thousands of supercars in the United Kingdom and over 10 thousands of them are Ferraris. It’s undoubtedly the most iconic and well-known manufacturer of supercars, and for a good reason.


Ferrari history


Italian icon Ferrari is arguably the most well-known supercar manufacturer of them all. While its 75-year history might not be the longest, it is one of the most auspicious.

It was founded by Enzo Ferrari in 1939 and adopted its current name in 1945. It was only in 1947 when the company began to produce its own line of cars. Ferrari became a public company in 1960 and had a history of being a subsidiary of Fiat from 1963 to 2014.

It was named the strongest brand in the history in 2019 by the financial consultancy Brand Finance.


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Ferrari Today


Today Ferrari is the brand everyone knows. At Reforma we get to work of Ferraris a lot, and it’s always exciting to do any work on these cars.

The most recent one, Ferrari 296 GTB and the work done we completed for it is presented below in the pictures guiding you through the process.



We applied the stripe in Hexis Lakeview going across the full car and finishing between Ferrari badge on the bonnet.

It’s a beautiful, contrasting blue making the appearance of this car even more stunning.

We also wrapped the Front Splitter in the same colour to complete the look.

Apart from the vinyl additions, we applied PPF onto front wings, front bumper, mirrors and rear. PPF is an amazing solution to protecting cars from stone chips, dirt and fine debris. For the car of this value it’s definitely a smart investment.


The final effect


The final effect is just an outstanding vehicle – it was perfect before but adding blue accents made it even more exclusive.




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