Detroit Motor Show – The Return of the Ford GT

Detroit Motor Show

This month saw the launch of the hotly anticipated car show of the year, returning to the home of muscle cars and everything four wheeled and powerful, the Detroit Motor show in motor city. Detroit has always been the home of the car industry especially for America. The working mans hero, drag racing Camaro’s and Mustang between the lights, is the heart and soul of Detroit city. However, today the city as fallen, with car manufacturers moving from the city and the centre, which had a damaging impact on the city. A sad sight for all car lovers, and many love to see the city get back to its former glory, so to see the annual detroit motor show kicking the 2015 year off, is a special sight to see.

Here at Reforma we took a look at what the show served, with a high expectation for power, muscle and some crazy concept cars to set 2015 off on a high.

Ford GT

Undoubtedly the star of the Detroit motor show was the Ford GT. The Ford Gt is the iconic hero imagined with Detroit city, the two go hand in hand in the American auto world. Ford teased an image GT which raged a buzz of excitement. With the last Ford GT40 being a huge success, the new concept would have a lot to live upto. When the covers were finally pulled back a stunning sculpture laid waiting in electric blue, fully fitting of the titles, muscle car and concept car. The new GT has some styling cues reminiscent of the of the original model but dramatically restyled as a modern futuristic ‘ultra high performance supercar’ as Ford is describing it. Thinking of this car as a re-invention of the GT40 (like the last model) you will feel a little disappointed. However approaching this as a futuristic, super car world beater by the Ford Gt department, and this vehicle is dramtically exciting, taking the working mans representative to the fight with the Europeans such as Lambo and Ferrari. The Ford is pure power, with the company claiming will be one of the greatest power to weight ratio, production vehicles available today. With a 600bhp twin turbo, V6 eco-boost engine we can’t wait to hear how the sounds matches up to the crazy styling of this beautiful beast. Deservedly the star of the Detroit motor show.
Detroit Motor Show

Acura NSX

Acura released the production ready version of their NSX. The long awaited production car since the 2013 concept was revealed was met with mixed reactions. Many fans of the NSX brand, were happy to see the Acura back on the road in such power form, boasting figures north of 550 bhp with the twin turbocharged V6, all combined with three electric motors. A few were a little disappointed with the NSX, in areas it seems a little fussy and over styled, with one too many vents (tops of the bonnet, and front quarter panel). Acura claim an amazing soundtrack to match the angular styled supercar. Orders are already coming in with expected delivery later on in the year.
Detroit Motor Show

Hyundai Santa Cruz

Detroit Motor Show
It wouldn’t be an American, Detroit motor show without some pickup trucks on offer and there were plenty in sight for people to get into theme of the motor show. The Nissan Titan and Toyota Tacoma took honourable mentions in our pick of the bunch. Both commanded a power, presence and capable practicality, only achievable by a pick up truck. However the clear winner, was the outrageous looking beast which was the Hyundai Santa Cruz concept. The pick up driver of the future was the clear user in minded for this crossover truck concept, with a futuristic metal satin finish on the body work, an abundance of details scatted around the car with a citrus accent colours themed all around the car definitely stood out at the show. The truck definitely felt modern, and is the type of beast you’d turn off the road for to get out of the way of.
Detroit Motor Show

Mercedes Luxury in Motion

Detroit Motor Show
Mercedes definitely took the crown for most conceptual looking car at the Detroit motor show with their all-new F 015 Luxury in Motion concept. Mercedes describes the interesting concept as a “self driving luxury sedan”, tackling the issue of what will future luxury, particularly interior luxury, look like once autonomous cars are widely accepted on the roads. The interior boasts some interesting forms, with a social emphasis on the seating layout, with all seats facing eachother, and the driver positon 180 degree changeable for different driving modes. Projected large interfaces on the interior offer technology social activites amongst all the passengers inside. The exterior is just as crazy/interesting. Not stading on any kind of proportions we have seen before, with a long sweeping line from front to rear. Mercedes is clearly showing they are thinking all about ‘tomorrow’ and where we will be.
Detroit Motor Show

These were just some of our favourite picks of the show. It was definitely a fantastic start to the year at the Detroit motor show, and leads into a very exciting 2015. Let us know what you think of our choices and if there was any others you would like to have seen on our list.

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