The Ultimate Guide to Car Wrapping Colours and Finishes.

Four swatch books of vinyl wrapping colours




Thanks to increasing popularity in car wrapping we can now offer at least 300 basic colours to choose from. Every established brand has around 100 different colours available with new shades being constantly developed.

It’s important to update colour swatch books every year to make sure customers have access to the newest colours for car wrapping. As a leading brand

We categorise car wrapping colours into various types, including Gloss, Matte, Satin, Texture, Chrome and Colour Change vinyl.


Four different swatch books of Colours for Car Wrapping
Vinyl colour swatch books




There is a lot of customers who already know what colour they’d like but there is also many who prefer to see all the available options first.

It’s possible to look at the colour charts online however we always invite customers to come and go through the colour swatch books at Reforma premises. Screens of mobile phones, computers and tablets each show colours slightly different. Choosing the colour without seeing the actual sample first could later turn out a surprise.

Matte, Satin and Gloss finishes are also all different to touch which can be another contributing factor in choosing the right colour. It’s not always easy to tell Matte and Satin finish apart in the photos. Often customers need to compare both samples together to realise what the differences are.

If it’s impossible to visit us at the premises, we might sometimes offer to post the colour samples directly to the customer.




Chrome finish is highly reflective and replicates chrome metal, giving it mirror-like properties. It’s only possible to achieve this finish with vinyl wrap making it an obvious advantage over painting.

In recent years manufacturers started to develop more chrome finishes. Hopefully this trend will continue and chrome will become more popular making it cheaper and accessible for more customers.

If you want to see examples of Chrome Wraps, check out our Chrome Rose Gold wrap or BMW M4 Chrome Gold full wrap.


Red, Green and Silver Chrome Colours for Car Wrapping
example of chrome vinyl and its reflectivity






Colour change vinyl is characterized by its ability to exhibit different visible colours based on the viewing angle and light. The appearance of the vinyl can vary depending on the perspective of the viewer.

Available in different finishes, this type of colour for a car wrap is bound to make you stand out. We wrapped the below Lamborghini Huracan in Avery Supreme Rushing Riptide Gloss vinyl.

We have a dedicated post for Avery Supreme Colour Changing colours which you can read more about here.


Front View of Lamborghini Huracan wrapped in Colour Changing Purple and Blue vinyl
Lamborghini Huracan full wrap in Avery Gloss Rushing Riptide Vinyl Wrap
Colours for Car Wrapping Vinyl Stripe
Avery Supreme Colour Change vinyls




Textured vinyl is usually used for wrapping individual panels of the cars like bonnet or roof. Using the right vinyl can add a great accent to your car and make it truly unique.

Whilst it’s not often that customers decide to use this type of vinyl for a full wrap, it sometimes happens. Textured vinyls can be also incorporated into bigger designs, for example as cut shapes laid onto another vinyl.


Defender wrapped in 3M Shadow Black


Two Brushed Aluminium Swatches of Colours for Car Wrapping
Brushed Aluminium Vinyl
Textured colour samples of Colours for Car Wrapping
Textured colour samples of Colours for Car Wrapping





Carbon Fibre is another version of textured vinyl but it deserves a mention of its own. It’s one of the most popular choices for small jobs like mirror or spoiler car wraps.

Carbon Fibre vinyl comes in various shades and finishes. It’s available textured or looking like print depending on what effect you’re going for.

We offer Paint Protection in Carbon Fibre finish as well as Carbon Fibre body kits which we can fit at Reforma workshop.


Close up of Mini Bonnet with vinyl stripe graphics in Gloss Red and Carbon Fibre applied to it
Example of Carbon Fibre stripe designs completed at Reforma UK
Black Carbon Fibre vinyl swatch and Grey Carbon Fibre vinyl Swatch
Carbon Fibre Vinyls



Car wrapping colours are produced with different customers in mind. We wrapped many pink and light blue cars before for customers who want to stand out on the road.

We guarantee that nobody will be able to walk past your car without looking if you choose to wrap it in shiny, glittery colour.


Pink, Blue and Silver Glitter swatches of wrapping vinyl
Glitter Swatches of Wrapping Vinyl
Yellow, Orange, Red and Green fluorescent swatches of vinyl wrapping film
Fluorescent Vinyl Wrapping Swatches





Matte finish doesn’t reflect light, making the surface look flat and providing minimal to no reflections.

On the other hand, the satin finish falls between gloss and matte. While it shares the characteristic of not reflecting light, it has a velvety texture and slightly more reflectivity than matte, but significantly less than gloss. It offers a soft, minimal shine, which can initially be challenging to distinguish from matte in pictures.

Finally Gloss being the most reflective and popular among the three, provides a high level of reflectivity.


matte black and satin black vinyl swatches next to each other
Matte and Satin Black vinyl Swatches





Yes, however it’s usually the finish that determines the price. Standard solid Gloss, Matte and Satin colours are usually the cheapest and cost approximately the same. You will have to pay more for rare colours or textures.

The most expensive of them all is Chrome. Mirror-like vinyl is one of the most difficult to work with and definitely one of the most luxurious and eye-catching products. Prepare to pay a lot if you want a car in this finish. Price per metre can start from anything between £40 of up to £140 per metre, depending on vinyl lifespan, width and brand.


Front view of Range Rover wrapped in Chrome Blue Vinyl against the wall with Reforma logo in the background
Range Rover wrapped in Chrome Blue vinyl



Another unusual option is Colour Change vinyl. It’s probably second most expensive after Chrome finish, with prices ranging anywhere between £40 up to £65 per metre.

Textured finishes can be also pricey. Depending on what texture finish you choose, prepare to pay anywhere from £35 up to £65 per metre.

Gold, Matte and Satin finishes are the cheapest, with vinyl price ranging anywhere from around £25 up to £40 per metre.

Depending on supplier, prices can be set individually for each colour or be grouped into various price groups. Basic gloss, satin or matte colours can vary in prices because of different manufacturing processes, however they will always be cheaper than specialised finishes.


*It’s always possible to buy a cheaper version of any vinyl, however the price reflects quality. If you want your vinyl to stay on the car longer, protect your paint work instead of damaging it (poor quality vinyls can be very hard to remove) and ensure it doesn’t fail by peeling off and bubbling, always choose quality vinyls used by professional car wrappers. When you buy premium vinyls you are covered by product warranty, often lasting for a long period after you wrap your car.





If you want to stand out but don’t feel like a full colour change wrap is for you then there are many other options to consider. Smaller customisations can add a lot to the overall look, whether it’s subtle accents or bold colour additions.

Roof Wraps – the most popular option for those who want to add something extra without wrapping a full car. Many customers opt for it as a happy medium which allows them to subtly customise their vehicle without catching too much attention.

De-chromes – it’s the process of wrapping chrome trims of your car in the chosen vinyl. Perfect for customers wanting to add a luxurious feel to their vehicle or match the body colour of their car.

Stripe Designs – especially popular among certain brands, it’s a great way to add a personalised customisation. You can use more colours or printed graphics to make it stand out even more.

If you are unsure of what your car will look like with a wrap, we are happy to create a quick mock-up for you. We also offer design services for those who want one of a kind design.

If you wish to explore and discuss the available choices or alternatives, contact us here.





Another important aspect to consider is the meaning of colours. Subconsciously or not, we give things certain meaning depending on their colours. We also associate colours with certain emotions and feelings which often plays an important role in design process.

If you’re unsure which colour would suit your personality or you care about how you are perceived by others, we prepared a short list to help you below.


RED – psychologically the most intense colour. Used to portray love and passion as well as anger and power. Colour which demands attention, shows confidence and domination. It will be a perfect match for someone who likes to be in the centre of attention or dominate.

Did you know that red colour stimulates excitement and energy? It can also increase your appetite – that’s why many food chains choose red colour in their logo and branding.

ORANGE – associated with energy, playfulness and creativity. Often used to portray innovation and progress. Perfect colour for fast vehicles or someone whose personality is bubbly, outgoing and cheerful.

GREEN – Colour of harmony, balance and nature. It calms down and creates a refreshing feeling.

YELLOW – Associated with high energy levels and optimism. Often used on fast cars to empathise the fast, high energy character of the vehicle and grab attention. It can also stand for warmth, happiness and joy.

BLUE – One of the most popular colours, it usually symbolises trust, peace and security.  Often used by brands that want to give the message of stability and trust, it’s similar with car wraps. It often reads as responsibility, loyalty and competence.

PURPLE – The colour of luxury. Depending on the shade, it usually indicated royalty, power and wealth. Lighter and more fun shades can be read as creative and frivolous.

PINK – No matter the shade, everyone reads the pink colour as gentle and feminine. Sweet, youthful and charming colour always chosen by women with a lot of character who are not afraid to stand out.



It’s important to imagine how you’d feel in your car if you are unsure about the colour.


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