Volkswagen ID Buzz Cargo
3M Gloss White Vinyl

ID Buzz Cargo named “International Van of the Year 2023”.

The Volkswagen ID Buzz is an ell-electric vehicle that offers the best driving range of any electric vans currently for sale, based on Auto Express review.

Retro inspired looks and quirky design make it a real head-turner wherever you go – we tested it ourselves. Additionally customised by Reforma top half wrapped in Gloss White gives this vehicle a completely new dimension.

Comparing to original ID Buzz offered by Volkswagen our Reforma upgrade looks extra classy and proves even work vehicles can look stylish on the road.

As one of the first places in the UK to offer customisation and sales services of ID Buzz Cargo vans we will continue to work on any upcoming models. Whilst there was only one panel van model available at launch in 2022, a longer model will be introduced in 2023

If you are curious about other colours, discover Volkswagen Black ID Buzz, Volkswagen Lime Yellow ID Buzz Cargo and Volkswagen Silver ID Buzz Cargo.

  • The Process

    We begun the process by giving the ID Buzz Cargo a thorough clean. Once complete, the vehicle was brought into our workshop to be stripped down further removing parts such as the wheels, bumpers, lights and trims. Our vehicle wrappers begun to lay the Gloss White vinyl onto the vehicle.  Once complete, our technicians reassembled the vehicle with quality control checks throughout.

  • The Results

    If you are interested in purchasing ID Buzz Cargo in Black or customising your already existing van contact us at Reforma and we will be happy to help.