Vespa Scooter
Vinyl Graphics

This time we had an unusual vehicle coming to Reforma for Vespa Scooter Graphics.

Whilst we specialise in cars, we have wrapped scooters, motorbikes and boats in the past as well. Click here to see the quad bike we wrapped in textured vinyl or Jetski Motorsport Graphics.

  • The Process

    Vespa Scooter needed similar preparation to any other vehicle before we could apply vinyl graphics.

    We started off by cleaning the vehicle to remove any debris or contamination. It’s the most important step to ensure there is no speckles visible underneath the vinyl.

    Our vinyl technicians then apply graphics following the visual previously created by our in-house designer. The Union Jack flag in blue and white colours in front of the Scooter really grabs attention, which is what the owner was looking for when thinking of design.

    Once completed, our workshop manager conducts a quality check to ensure he is happy with the work carried out.

  • The Results

    The Vespa Scooter got a truly personalised look with brand new vinyl graphics.

    It perfectly reflects the owner’s personality and he couldn’t be happier with the standard and quality of work carried out.