Lamborghini Huracan
Avery Dennison Paint Protection

Brought to us by a regular client of Reforma’s was this brand new Lamborghini Huracan. The client was worried about causing stone chips and and scratches on the front end of his vehicle therefore opted to apply our Avery Dennison Paint protection film to the bonnet, lights, wings and bumper.

  • The Process

    The process of applying PPF (Paint Protection Film) is different to wrapping vinyl. Both in the material itself as it is a lot thicker and also the fitting technique. We have trained individuals on how to apply this new material to a very high standard. With a normal car wrap we clean the the vehicle down ensuring no dirt or dust is on the surface however with paint protection, the vehicle requires a full detail. Removing swirl marks, scratches, existing stone chips if any etc. This is because the film applied is optical clear therefore any imperfections prior to application will be noticed after. We would recommend a stage one detail on all paint protection commissions. This film is wet applied to allow for movement on the vehicle. It is squeegeed down with extra pressure removing the residue from beneath. An application jell is used on the edges to improve the adhesion of the film. Once all the film is applied, it is timed down removing any excess. A curing period is required when applying this film of 3 – 5 days allowing for any remaining liquid to dry and for us to re-evaluate the finish.

  • The Results

    The Avery Dennison paint protection film gives a true transparent finish therefore the original colour of the vehicle is not effected.