Audi R8 V8
Twin Stripe

This Audi R8 came to us in a yellow/black combination, the vibrant yellow emblazoned on the huge brake calipers. The owner of the car wanted stripes similar to the ones seen on the Ferrari 360 Scuderia. To produce these, we used to-scale drawings of the R8, and created our own take on these style of stripes. Once we were happy with the shape, they were computer cut from Avery Supreme Gloss Yellow.

  • The Process

    The car is thoroughly cleaned on the bonnet, roof and rear engine cover areas, to make sure the vinyl bonds properly and lasts a long time. The stripes are then carefully laid in position, measured to ensure accuracy, and then carefully fitted into position.

  • The Results

    The new stripes add shape and character to the center of the car, and match with the already vibrant brake calipers. They give the project a finishing touch of uniqueness that makes it stand out from the crowd.