Tesla Model X

The Tesla Model X, argubaly the most luxurious and quickest family car on the market today. With its exotic doors and deep black paintwork, the client was after some subtle modifications in the form of a vehicle de chrome with very slight detailing in gloss red to match the break callipers.

  • The Process

    The key to de-chromes is extensive preparation and time. With such small & intricate areas, the vinyl wrapping process can be tedious however with our experienced team, we always rise to the challenge striving to achieve perfection on every part. To reduce the chance of any failures, we will use primer on the edges of parts which increases the strength of the glue. Often rounded sections such as the mirror cap housing’s, there will be a lot of stretch in the vinyl hence under various weather conditions, it may try to pull back into its original form but the primer will hold the vinyl strong. Once the vinyl is applied, the excess is trimmed away by hand with our trained vinyl installers ensuring the blade is rotated at a certain angel away from the part. This ensures no damage or scratches on the piece which is key to our company standards.

  • The Results

    The results of these simple modifications have re-energised the look of this Tesla. Whatever the vehicle, all black always works. However with the subtle red contrasting detailing around the Tesla brings it apart from the rest.