Tesla Model S
Gloss White Pearl

This project was a first for us, our first Tesla vehicle. And we started with this Tesla Model S that our friends at Cupid Carriages brought to us for customisation.
The chosen finish was Avery Supreme Gloss Pearl – a premium and long-lasting vinyl wrap material that’s great to work with.

  • The Process

    This being our first wrap on a Tesla, we took extra time to learn the vehicle and the best processes to wrap it. The extra time and care ensures the wrap looks great, and means in the future wrapping Teslas will be more streamlined.

    The vehicle was given a full exterior wrap in Avery Supreme Gloss Pearl, including the door shut areas. The original colour of the vehicle was a deep brown colour, which contrasts quite strongly against a white wrap, so wrapping the door shuts hides all trace, giving you a complete colour change, inside and out.

  • The Results

    The finished result is a sleek, ultra-modern looking car – the Tesla looks fantastic with a pearl finish. The factory gloss black trim around the vehicle contrasts nicely with the Gloss Pearl wrap. The car should do a great job as part of the Cupid fleet.