Tesla Model 3
Inozetek Gloss Metallic Midnight Green

Here is another stunning Tesla Model 3 Wrap to add to our portfolio. This time we wrapped it in High Gloss Metallic Midnight Green vinyl by Inozetek.

This unusual shade slightly changes its colour depending on the angle of looking. It also looks completely different inside and outside, so we included photos of the same car taken both externally and internally for comparison.

Both versions look amazing and really fit the slender body of Tesla Model 3. You might want to check out this Tesla in Satin Blue as well.

  • The Process

    Like with every other car wrap we began by giving the vehicle a wash down outside.

    We then brought it inside and parked it in a designated wrapping bay. Our mechanic stripped down the vehicle removing parts such as window trims and bumpers.

    Our wrappers then gave this Tesla another clean individually wiping all the panels with professional cleaning solution. Double or triple cleaning and preparation is necessary to remove any potential dirt and contaminants. Not only could they should underneath the vinyl, but also affect the vinyl’s adhering properties itself.

    We wrap the panels individually, one by one. Vinyl is pre-cut by our production department and rolled into separate rolls for us.

    When the wrapping part is finished, our mechanic reassembles the car again. He then makes sure all the functions work correctly and hands it over for final quality to our workshop manager.

    This is the last step where we conduct a thorough quality check. Once the car is signed off, we contact the customer and arrange the collection.

  • The Results

    This Tesla Model 3 wrap results are simply incredible.

    The colour is unique enough to catch attention but not so flashy to make everyone turn around on the road.

    It’s exactly the results our customer wanted and we are very satisfied with how this wrap turned out!