Ferrari 458
Satin White

This stunning Ferrari was brought to us in Gloss Black, with the idea of a White and Black contrasting combination wrap. We looked through a wide selection of colours and finishes, and then 3D visuals were created to illustrate how the car could look.

  • The Process

    The vehicle was dismantled as per our normal wrapping procedure. Everything must be removed to allow each panel and part to be wrapped separately – it provides the best finish.
    As well as the colour change, the badging on the car was given a black chrome finish.

  • The Results

    When completed, the Satin White body colour and finish really show off the creases and curves of the 458’s bodywork, and is one of those finish and colour combinations you don’t see very often. Coupled with this, we also fitted our range of Black Chrome badging, which adds a nice colour and finish contrast to the car, while retaining OEM-quality badging.

    The wheels were refinished in Gloss Black, and the wing mirrors were dipped in a Carbon Fibre pattern. The roof panel was kept in gloss black, but was also wrapped to protect the fresh OEM paintwork.