Rolls Royce Phantom
Satin Frozen Vanilla White

We know what you’re thinking, just another white Rolls Royce Phantom wrap right? Wrong. This one is extra special as the chosen colour for the wrap is 3M’s new 1380 Satin “Frozen Vanilla” film. Replacing the original black colour, this silky smooth material adds an ultra unique finish to this classic, setting it aside from all other Phantoms.

  • The Process

    The wrapping of a Phantom is quite a process but it’s one we’ve a wealth of experience with so our team prepared this vehicle for wrapping in record time.

    Once the vehicle has been broken down for wrapping, we fit the fresh new Satin Frozen Vanilla film with precision, ensuring all of the original bodywork is protected and covered for a seamless colour change.

  • The Results

    We’re very happy with the completed car (the owner even more so!) – the premium wrapping film from 3M is fantastic to work with, and offers a superb result that is truly unique for the Rolls Royce Phantom.