Range Rover Velar
Avery Supreme Satin Black

Commissioned by Farnell Jaguar Land Rover Leeds to take this standard metallic black Range Rover Velar and give it a more unique, understated appeal by completing a full vehicle wrap in Avery Dennison Satin Black. Keeping contrast gloss black accents throughout the vehicle.

  • The Process

    We begin each full vehicle wrap by cleaning the car thoroughly, removing all the dirt and residue from the surface. It is then brought into our workshop where we begin to strip down the vehicle. Parts such as the bumpers, grills, lights, trims and wheels are removed in order for our vehicle wrapping team to cover the vinyl around the edges. Prior to the vinyl being applied, our team use the Avery surface cleaner to make sure there is no interruption on the surface when applied. Panel by panel, our vehicle wrappers begin to apply the vinyl slowly changing the appearance of this luxury SUV. Once complete, our trained technicians re-assemble the vehicle whilst conducting regular quality control checks to ensure we are happy with the results.

  • The Results

    An aggressive colour for a sleek new Range Rover Velar. The sculptured surfaces further highlighted in this stunning satin finish. The contrasting gloss black accents work in harmony for the deep black to give this Range Rover Velar a unique appeal. ‘Amazing!’ was the word used to describe this vehicle by the sales executives at Farnell’s.