Rolls Royce Dawn

The Rolls Royce Dawn, brought to us by a Bradford based client for a full de-chrome in satin black along with upgraded Vossen Forged S17-14 Series 17 alloy wheels.

  • The Process

    The process begins by breaking down the parts that require wrapping/ painting. With de-chromes, there may be some parts that we cannot wrap due to the intricacy of the piece. For example the spirit of ecstacy cannot be wrapped therefore we paint them along with the exhaust surrounds and smaller Rolls Royce plaques. The front grille in broken down into individual pieces to allow our vehicle wrapping team the ability to wrap all around the edge. The vinyl chosen on this project was the Avery Supreme Satin Black. A quality material with a strong depth of colour. Satin black Vossen wheels were chosen by the client to be placed on the Rolls Royce which we found completely transformed the appearance of the vehicle. Larger than the factory wheels, they completely filled the arch way. If you are interested in a similar set of wheel, do contact us or visit our online store for more information.

  • The Results

    Rolls Royce is known to be a calm, relaxing and elegant vehicle however with these modification, we don’t believe this is the case upon first sight. This Dawn has a whole new aggressive stance thanks to the much larger Vossen Wheels and a wider presence on the road thanks to the satin black de-chrome. A great look we must say!