Volkswagen Transporter
Reforma Wrap

For The Great Yorkshire show we decided to give our Volkswagen Transporter van a makeover. Previously it was sporting a Black Chrome exterior with carbon accessories and gloss red trim. For the next look we decided to go all-out and tried something different, a custom computer-cut design covered by a brand new colour by 3M – Raspberry Blue in the 1080 series.

  • The Process

    The van was cleaned and then brought into our workshop. The previous vinyl wrap had to be removed first, which is a time consuming process where the vinyl is heated and pulled away, made difficult by the way we fit vinyl wraps – overlapping behind every panel and around each part seperately.

    Once removed, the van is given a full wipe down in a glue remover, and then the new graphics can be fitted. Over 20m of computer cut graphics had to be “weeded out” by hand. This is where the design is manually picked out using a small knife by our production team.

    These are carefully fitted to each panel; They also need to be lined up in each section to ensure the lines follow on. Once this section is complete, the van is cleaned a third time, and then the final layer of vinyl is applied, the 3M Blue Raspberry.

    The final layer is very time consuming as the wrong move can accidentally remove the layer below it. The vinyl also needs squeegeeing down around every line of the graphics, a very time consuming and difficult job!

    After the wrap is completed the whole van is given a thorough clean and polished to a shine.

  • The Results

    The van really made a hit at The Great Yorkshire Show, with hundreds of people speaking to us and admiring the quality, colour and finish of the Transporter Wrap.