Volkswagen Crafter
Reforma Graphics

For 2015 we wanted to refresh our fleet of vans, starting with our bog standard white Volkswagen Crafter Luton Box. This van is used every day and sometimes even all night – now it is time for a new lease of life!

  • The Process

    The van was first cleaned thoroughly to ensure the wrap would bond well and continue to look good. The metal structure for the luton box had become discoloured and pitted, so our team worked hard to polish these parts up to a shiny mirror finish. Whilst the preparation work took place, the 3D graphics were created from scratch, featuring a Lamborghini suspended upside-down!

    The huge panels were then wrapped in the graphics we designed and printed in-house. The front end of the cab was wrapped in Avery Supreme Matte Black film, to give the van a mean look.

  • The Results

    The finished van looks great – it stands out and features some high-quality wrapping and print, all created in-house.