Ferrari 296 GTB
Hexis Lakeview Vinyl Detailing and PPF

Red Ferrari 296 GTB – The new, ultimate super car from Ferrari came to Reforma for Vinyl Detailing and PPF.

This model is truly the sight to behold and with customised vinyl additions it looks even better. The light blue colour creates the perfect contrast which works in harmony with the red body colour.  The Ferrari was additionally protected by PPF.

The magnificent car received the best treatment from our highly skilled vinyl technicians.

More about this new Ferrari Model here.

  • The Process

    Working with Brand New Ferrari required the utmost care and precision. We always pay extra care for every vehicle but Brand New cars are special – every imperfection will definitely show. Our vinyl technicians had to triple measure the placement of the vinyl to ensure it’s 100% accurate and even up to 1mm.

    We begun by carefully wrapping the front bumper. Our technicians used the years of experience to create the perfect, seamless finish. They then moved to the bonnet and roof to apply the blue stripes running all across the car. It required the utmost precision and care to ensure the front bonnet badge remains perfectly in the middle. After bonnet we moved to the roof to continue with the stripes.

    Once the Hexis Lakeview Gloss vinyl was applied, we could continue with PPF.  The with PPF included front wings, front bumper, mirrors, roof and some rear parts as well. PPF is an amazing solution to protecting cars from stonechips, dirt and fine debris. We apply it directly onto vinyl but thanks to its transparent properties it’s pretty much invisible.

    The last steps we completed was a rear bumper removal and wrap. After our mechanic removed the bumper, we could continue with applying the back stripes in Blue Vinyl. The Rear Bumper was also separately wrapped by our vinyl technicians and then put back onto the Red Ferrari.

    After reassembling all the parts we checked all the functions and ensured everything worked correctly. Our Workshop Manager conducted the final quality check before signing the Ferrari off.


  • The Results

    The final results are Red Ferrari 296 GTB which turned out absolutely magnificent.

    The addition of vinyl gave it a Fresh and appealing look making it stand out even more.

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