Range Rover Vogue
3M 2080 Satin Black

Not only a full wrap but also a case of some in depth TLC. This Ranger Rover Vogue had come to us from Farnell Jaguar Land Rover Bradford for a new look. It had been previously sprayed with a liquid form of vinyl which was over sprayed on the rubbers, the wheels were damaged, gloss black trims were chipped and finally the interior was extremely dirty. The brief was simple, get the vehicle looking as good as new!

  • The Process

    The process begun by bringing the car in to be stripped. Wheels off, these were sent to be refurbished/ repainted in gloss black. Along with this, the side hockey sticks, side vents, grille and tail gate plinth was removed and sent for painting. Our team then begun to apply steam to the liquid vinyl and slowly begun to remove from the body revealing the metallic grey paint work beneath. Once complete, the surface required a deep prep to ensure the new 3M 2080 Satin Black Vinyl would adder to the surface with no issues. Panel by Panel our vehicle wrapping team begun to apply the new colour including the door shuts & returns. Once complete, the newly painted trims and wheels were put back on. A final quality control check was conducted on the wrap work and then our in house detailer set to work on cleaning out both the interior and exterior. Applying a Pyramid ceramic coating on the satin vinyl implementing an additional level of protection.

  • The Results

    The final result were great, a vehicle that now not only has a new colour but has been cleaned from a much deeper level both inside and out.