Range Rover Vogue
Garnet Red

For this custom project we collaborated with our friend Thomas Mark from Bespoke Car Creations (facebook.com/ThomasMarkBCC). One of his high end clients was looking for a more aggressive styling for this Range Rover Vogue. As you can see in the images below, initially the vehicle was black with some red detailing but to turn up the ferocity on this beast the decision was made to flip the colours around making the main bodywork red and detailing in black. For the main bodywork, Avery Metallic Matte Garnet Red was the material selected and for some added custom panache, Avery Carbon Fiber Black was chosen for the detailing.

  • The Process

    As per usual when working with Range Rovers, we stripped the vehicle of it’s bumpers, lights, badges, handles and side trim to wrap them individually. This is to ensure the best coverage of the original paintwork and give the best finish possible as well as longevity of the wrap. When this process is complete and all parts are covered and trimmed correctly with the material, the car can be re-assembled and cleaned.

    The Carbon Fiber material was added to the front, rear and side sills, areas of the front grill, the spoiler and it was also applied to the grooves in the bonnet using special ‘knifeless’ cut tape to protect the underlying vinyl.

  • The Results

    As you can see below, this Range Rover is looking a lot meaner – and we mean that in a good way! The extra carbon detailing on the bonnet really helps emphasise the contours of the vehicle, giving a more aggressive look. It also sits really well with the Garnet Red colouring, providing a combination that just looks ‘right’. This Range Rover is now guaranteed to draw some admiring glances this summer!

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