Range Rover Vogue
Full Wrap

The customer came to us with the idea of a full wrap in orange on his Range Rover Vogue. We showed him a selection of orange swatches so he could see the different options. He also had some trim pieces including the front grilles, badges and side grilles, which he had painted gloss black. These needed refitting to the vehicle.

  • The Process

    The process began with our team removing parts such as the bumpers, trim pieces and lights. This allows us to essentially wrap the main part of the bodywork, wrapping into all the recesses. This allows for overlap, so that when the removed parts are refitted, there is a better finish. We pride ourselves on a great attention to detail. On this vehicle we also wrapped the door shuts (the areas exposed when the doors are open), which is tricky to wrap as the contours are often quite sharp. The doors also needed to be removed for the best finish. Doing the door shuts on this vehicle resulted in a true ‘full wrap’ and a great finish all around. The roof and front pillars were also wrapped in gloss black for a contrast which matches with the other black details on the vehicle.

  • The Results

    After the wrap was complete, we brought the vehicle out into the sunshine. The orange wrap looked vibrant and impressive fitted to the large, imposing Range Rover. The extra black features are a great contrast to the bright orange.