Range Rover Sport SVR
Avery Supreme Satin Metallic Dark Blue

The Range Rover Sport SVR, the most luxurious super car in our opinion! A blend of comfort and supercar performance all in package. Brought to us by Farnell Jaguar Land Rover Leeds to be fully wrapped in Avery Dennisons Satin Metallic Dark Blue. We had previously done a Vogue in this colour for the client which was well received hence the follow up on the SVR.

  • The Process

    The process of the wrap begins by giving the vehicle a thorough wash down. As we offer a pick up service for our clients, the vehicles tend to get dirty on the drive over therefore our in-house detailing team will give the SVR a once over to ensure all contaminants are removed. It is then brought into our workshop to be stripped down of all its parts. Removing bumpers and lights allows our vehicle wrapping team to apply the vinyl a lot further around the edges to avoid possible lift in the future. Panel at a time, the vehicle is slowly transformed. We believe the satin colour choice is great on the SVR as it does showcase the beautifully designed body, more aggressive and assertive than the standard sport. Once completed, the SVR is resembled with a functions test to ensure everything is working as it should. The vehicle is then polished down and quality checked.

  • The Results

    The final results were very impressive! We believe the colour works better on the SVR than the Vogue due to its aggressive body styling package. With gloss black colour codes, wheels and roof, the sales team we greatly impressed by the finish.