Range Rover Sport
Gloss White

This Range Rover Sport was brought to us for a full colour change wrap in 3M’s 1380 Gloss White Wrapping Film, which is one of 3M’s newer technology vinyl wrapping films. It offers a high quality and long lasting finish.

  • The Process

    Wrapping this vehicle is a very involved process, as we remove the bumpers, handles, lights and trim pieces – to allow us to wrap the Range Rover Sport fully, ensuring the colour change is thorough, and seamless.

    The upper roof, rear boot strip, badges, wing mirrors and side vents were all left Gloss black to add a nice contrasting white/black combination around the vehicle.

  • The Results

    The completed Range Rover looks striking, imposing, and stands out – the new Gloss White body colour combined with the gloss black sections gives the Sport a fresh, modern look and feel. We’re really pleased with how this turned out!